Testimonials & Endorsements

  • Lisa Mikals is the JILL of ALL trades and the MASTER of them ALL!! Lisa has over a decade of ministerial experience; everything from being a Business Administrator, Event Coordinator, Executive Assistant, Elder/Minister and Volunteer, she is a one-stop, provide all wonder! She can come in and evaluate your current administrative processes and systems then will provide simple recommendations and solutions. Church Efficiency has the ability to provide every service you will need to setup, grow and maintain your ministry successfully! Lisa coaches and trains CEOs and their employees in a unique, humorous way that only she is gifted to do - while producing results.

    Eben Conner
    Eben Conner Senior Pastor, Word of Truth Family Church | Mansfield, TX
  • Michael Geddie Senior Pastor, New Life Church | Richardson, TX
  • Lisa came at a very strategic time in the life of our church. We were getting ready to launch our third weekend service and our staff and pastors were trying to figure out how to best administrate the new growth and workload. Lisa came in and showed us areas that needed to be restructured and helped us with a better way to manage our staff and volunteers. She also gave us ideas on how to make our visitor experience better and how to streamline our new member's class. It was a great experience for all our administrative staff and she helped us as Senior Pastors to collect the information we needed to make crucial decisions during this time of expansion. We highly recommend Lisa Mikals to come to your church. She will be back again to help us grow to our next level and be more efficient with the time and resources God has given us.

    John & LaNell Miller
    John & LaNell Miller Senior Pastors Church on the Rock | Texarkana TX
  • James Bell Senior Pastor, Hosanna Church | Houston TX
  • “Thank you so much for the time spent with us. Your words we’re so encouraging! I got it when you said 'I need your competitive spirit to kick in.'  That has resonated in my spirit over and over. I’m so excited!!! Thank you, Lisa! I love progress (and seeing results).”

  • Jeff Ulmer Senior Pastor, New Life Family Church | Biloxi MS
  • Ed Funderburk Executive Pastor, Gateway Church
  • "I can't tell you how refreshing it was to work with you! You were able to "show" us how to implement the processes and systems we needed to manage the growth we were experiencing and be prepared, in advance, for the next wave of growth. You are amazing! Working with you was amazing! We have received more than a ministry partner - we have a new friend. You have blessed us in ways far beyond anything we ever expected. THANK YOU!"

  • Andrew Holland Senior Pastor, Highridge Church | Fort Worth, TX
  • “Thank you again for all your hard work. Thank you for your integrity. You have crystallized our needs excellently. Your time with us was invaluable; we so enjoyed getting to know you.”

  • "You are a rock star! We so appreciate you helping us to get moving in the right direction. Your visits also helped shine some light on many things that I simply haven’t felt like I have had the emotional energy to engage. However, it seems inevitable that without addressing certain deficiencies in our leadership structure and systems…we will only continue in “survival mode”. Thank you so much for helping me gets some knots yanked out. I realize it will not happen overnight… but it is happening… I honestly believe we are on our way to having our best year ever, and we have you to thank in many ways"

  • As a lead pastor I am constantly looking for ways to improve our ministry effectiveness and efficiency. It often seems difficult to be objective when it comes to evaluating our worship experience as well as the systems and structures we have for training and equipping volunteers. We were looking for someone who could help us make our church more attractive to newcomers, as well as assist us with defining processes and procedures for our volunteers that fit our "DNA". Then, a friend introduced us to Lisa Mikals. One of our biggest needs was to evaluate our Sunday morning worship experience. Lisa came in and assessed our services and provided a fresh perspective through the eyes of a first time guest. She also helped us identify some key areas to make the "Guest Experience" fruitful. Afterwards, she personally sat down with our staff and offered practical suggestions on how to make our Sunday mornings effective and what we could do go increase guest retention. This has proven to be invaluable as it forced us to address issues we were unaware of. But, it didn't stop there; she took the time and coached us through the necessary changes. With Lisa's help, we found out there were several things we were doing well and some things that required immediate attention. Lisa also showed us how to streamline our processes and procedures. This was huge for us. In doing so, we have identified departmental coordinators who oversee every area of ministry with our church. Now, each coordinator and volunteer has a clearer understanding of what we are seeking to accomplish, what their ministry entails and the time commitment required of them. Lisa's expertise with this particular area has proven to be very beneficial, bringing consistency to all our ministry departments. Another thing we appreciated about working with Lisa was her follow-up. She made sure we were getting the most out of the solutions and processes that we had set in motion. If you are in need of someone to evaluate your church, your ministries or your staff efficiency, I highly recommend that you contact Lisa and allow her to give fresh eyes to the ministries that you have in place. You'll find she is highly capable, knowledgeable, and brings years of ministry experience that will prove to be invaluable to your ministry.

    Steve Owens Lead Pastor, WillowBrook Church | Houston TX
  • “You gave our leadership insight into improving our guest experience and the steps to streamline our membership process. As a young pastor, to have fresh eyes and an excellent spirit come into assess our ministry has been a tremendous blessing.”

  • Mark Brand Senior Pastor, Antioch Church | Dallas, TX
  • James McIver Senior Pastor, Without Limits Christian Church | New Bern NC
  • Scott Johnson Senior Pastor, BelieversWay Church | Amarillo, TX
  • “Thank you again for the incredible job you did for us. We have taken your feedback and we are working at making the adjustments. I look forward to working with you in the near future as we continue to work on improvements.”

  • Terry Payne Senior Pastor, Lifeway Church | Kingfisher, OK
  • “We sincerely enjoyed getting to know you while you were here. We felt at home around you and felt no need to protect ourselves or our vision. I say that because anytime you open your heart to someone from the outside and allow them to peek inside, there is a certain amount of risk. But you made us feel challenged while safe at the same time. That was very important to me. Your graceful challenges were received and now it's time to make adjustments as God directs. “Information for church growth is plentiful but application is premium.”

  • “I like your approach to our needed changes; changes that will become a foundation for the growth of a healthy church. I appreciate how you are already affecting change in a positive way. Know that you are doing a vital and unique work in the kingdom. You are a sower of seed. You may never fully know the complete results of the harvest you are planting, but He does. Our church will never go back to where we were BL (before Lisa).”

  • Lisa Mikals was the fresh set of eyes that we desperately needed. Like many pastors, we were overwhelmed and understaffed administratively. In less than one week and only two visits, Lisa was able to pinpoint key areas within our organization where we simply needed to work smarter and not necessarily harder. Now we have time to work on the church and not just in it. Thanks to Lisa, we are enjoying ministry again for the first time in years.

    Greg & Judy Richards
    Greg & Judy Richards Senior Pastor, Life Church | Kaufman TX
  • It is a privilege to recommend to you and your church my friend, Lisa Mikals, a faithful and contributing member of Gateway Church. I consider myself to be administratively gifted and organized, but Lisa's abilities far exceed mine. She is one of the brightest, most talented, genuine, and efficient people I have known in 27 years of ministry. She loves the local church and wants to assist pastors and their ministry teams in effectively accomplishing their stated mission and vision. Lisa thinks in ways that others don't. She sees better ways and knows how to get you from where you are to where you need to be. The churches that have utilized her skills praise her remarkable insight and relational expertise. If your church could use help in the areas of administration and efficiency, please consider contacting her to take advantage of her extraordinary gifts to get your team and ministry on track.

    Ed Funderburk
    Ed Funderburk Executive Pastor, Gateway Church | Southlake, TX
  • “I can't believe how detailed your report is. You didn't miss anything! Even though I wished you had!  Your report is so insightful. I was encouraged that you gave us practical things we could do right away that will enable us to experience positive results and success! I am encouraged as a Senior Pastor like I haven't been in a long time. Our experience with you was priceless!”

  • Ed Harold Senior Pastor, Victory Christian Center| Bloomington, IL